Our collaboration with Nike focused on realizing a shared vision while maintaining the uniqueness of both brands. Cult Form, a brand aiming to bridge traditional craftsmanship with modern design, strives to blend its own DNA with that of another brand in collaborative productions.
Crafted Looks From Nike’s Deadstocks
We merged Cult Form's "zero waste" approach with Nike's "move to zero" perspective. In this process, we began by selecting materials from Nike's end-of-season and defective product range. We then prioritized flexibility in the chosen products to ensure they wouldn't hinder dancers. Finally, by selecting themes from three different choreographies, we created product groups in three different colors to shape our collection.
This collaboration not only preserves the identities of both brands but also delivers unique and eco-friendly products that meet consumer expectations. The partnership between Cult Form and Nike stands out as a perfect fusion of sustainability and creativity.