Craft and specially handcraft, has been rooted in the Middle East for centuries as many outstanding people dedicated themselves to the artisanal craft not only in the name of creating a piece of clothing but as a signature and an artistic form.  
We grew up with many women figures whose craft let itself flow from our grandmother's stitching and knitting to women who worked in tailor shops on the streets or in high fashion brands. As we set up our brand, Cult Form, we wanted to celebrate these women and create a contemporary space to preserve and generate this craft not only wanted to create "looks" but grow through a legacy and manifest new forms of artisanal craft's. We created our brand on sustainability to protect the environment and culture, which gives us inspiration for many collections, leaving no waste through our textile's and thinking about new ways to create collections most safely for the imprint of our brand. We work through recycled leather with leathers we found in stores and many second-hand textiles that are left with the meaning of no use.
Creating our leather pieces through recycled leather and materials gives us many different creative ways to produce. Our collections are based on textiles like Silk Satin, which is PEACE SILK means non-violent silk breeding and harvesting. It allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to the butterfly so that no animal has to suffer or die for fashion. Peace Silk (Non-Violent Silk, t\himsa Silk) is manufactured under India's most stringent social and environmental standards. Or fabrics like Ikat Velvet, handmade of silk and cotton and beautified with geometric designs. As part of the composition of the main ornament, this motif seems to have had a much lesser stylized, but its method of weaving and adorning requires a significant amount of proficiency in lifting and dyeing silk yarn to achieve an accomplished silk Ikat fabric.
CULT FORM emphasized Turkish traditional handcraft's sustainability. Yorgan is a traditional Turkish craft with a history with roots in the 1600s; the YORGAN technique is a handmade craft of details being transferred with an organ needle onto satin fabrics filled with cotton inside. Using many different cultural ways of creating sustainability is a manifestation we will carry towards our future collections. Today Cult Form works with many women artisans to create the collections, which able's us to give financial support to these women who are carrying the tradition of hand craft through generations and will carry on. We are a brand and a community that takes the mission of sustainability for a better future.